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The Living Architecture Monitor's mission is to increase awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roofs, walls and other forms of living architecture. The Living Architecture Monitor also hosts the Journal of Living Architecture (JLIV), a peer reviewed, scientific journal published by the Green Infrastructure Foundation (GIF).

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Celebrating Rooftops and Their Amazing Potential!

‘Out of site – out of mind’, so the saying goes. Unless one is peering down from a high tower, typical city dwellers rarely think about the miles and miles of roof space above them.Yet all too often we tend to overlook the amazing potential of these largely wasted spaces in our cities. But this is changing, and no where faster perhaps than in Rotterdam, a city that was literally flattened during WWII. They have a unique festival every year that celebrates the city’s rooftops called “Rotterdamse Dakendagen”.The festival is designed to show how the cities 14.5 million square meters of mostly flat rooftops have the potential to contribute to a vibrant and future-proof (climate resilient) city. Read more.

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