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The Living Architecture Monitor's mission is to increase awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roofs, walls and other forms of living architecture. The Living Architecture Monitor also hosts the Journal of Living Architecture (JLIV), a peer reviewed, scientific journal published by the Green Infrastructure Foundation (GIF).

This issue of the Living Architecture Monitor is focused on biophilic design and its increasingly important role in transforming our built environment. There are exciting opportunities in our buildings, parks, and streetscapes to integrate nature in a way that promotes human and environmental health.

In this issue, learn from biophilic design experts, discover how buildings are incorporating biophilic design elements to reach their sustainability goals and read how one office loved their green roof so much that they took it with them when they moved. This issue is inspiring, informative and connects you to leaders that are making our cities healthier, more resilient spaces. 

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The Living Architecture Monitor is the quarterly publication of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, with support from advertisers and GRHC members.

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