Peel Region Taking Action Against Severe Weather

Sourced from Daily Commercial News

In the wake of severe weather events which have caused major flooding and placed significant strains on infrastructure systems, Peel Region is taking action on several fronts including commissioning two innovative Low Impact Development (LID) projects in close proximity of each other on Mississauga Road in west Brampton.

These include an enhanced living wall exfiltration system and a 500-metre-long (1,640-foot) centre-median bioswale which the region believes is the first of its kind and a possible template for similar projects.

Undertaken in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and designed by Aquafor Beech Ltd., they are intended to reduce the impact of road stormwater drainage on the Credit River and its tributaries.

A major component of a two-year, 2.8-kilometre-long (1.7-mile) widening of Mississauga Road from Williams Parkway to just north of Bovaird Drive, the living wall is the second and most complicated ever installed by the region, says public works project manager Samantha Paquette.

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