Colorado Living Architecture Regional Center of Excellence

Sourced from the Living Architecture Monitor

With the recent confirmation of the Denver Green Roof (now Green Building) Ordinance, green roofs have become one of the most popular ‘new’ urban features in Denver. Our new cross-university collaboration between CU DENVER (UCD) and Colorado State University (CSU) for a new Colorado Living Architecture (CLA) Regional Center of Excellence has great value to the profession and the local community. The mission of this new center is to encourage education, research and installation of green roofs and living architecture in west-central North America.

CSU has teamed up with the Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG) to do research on the Mordecai Children’s Garden one acre semi intensive green roof. DBG Horticulturist Michael Guidi and CSU Assistant Professor Jennifer Bousselot are collaborating to evaluate the flowering phenology and subsequent pollinator visitation of select plants on the highly diverse green roof. Citizen scientists will collect data throughout two growing seasons so researchers can evaluate the ecology of the green roof.

In 2022, CSU will open three buildings near downtown Denver at the National Western Center (NWC), a redevelopment project happening on the site of the annual National Western Stock Show. The project will be CSU’s first metropolitan agricultural experiment station. The rooftop space on two of the CSU buildings on the site will be used for innovative green roof teaching, research, industry partnerships, and outreach.

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