Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey joins Grey to Green Conference: Twin Cities

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and Green Infrastructure Foundation are delighted to announce Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey will speak at the upcoming Grey to Green Conference: Twin Cities held on September 30th, 2019 at the McNamara Alumni Center. The Grey to Green Conference: Twin Cities is a multidisciplinary event featuring designers, researchers, policy makers, installers, and manufacturers who are working to implement living green infrastructure to protect watersheds, increase the resilience of our communities and improve community health and well-being.

Mayor Jacob Frey successfully ran to represent Minneapolis’ Third Ward in 2013 on a platform focused on increasing residential growth, small and local businesses, and fully funding affordable housing. In 2017, the City of Minneapolis established the cities two Green Zones, a place-based policy initiative to promote health and economic prosperity in communities overwhelmed by environmental pollution by introducing more green jobs, soil and water cleanup and redevelopment, a greater focus on improving air quality, livability through clean energy and energy efficiency. "I am delighted to attend and speak at this year's Grey to Green Conference and highlight the extensive green policy work my office has put in place for Minneapolis”, said Mayor Frey. He added, “from affordable housing to economic inclusion and public health, green infrastructure sits at the center of so many issues. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities presence in Minneapolis will help make our city a hotspot for green infrastructure advancement."

With Mayor Frey’s extensive experience in public policy and support of green infrastructure, we are pleased to have him speak at Grey to Green Conference: Twin Cities. You can learn more about the upcoming conference here: https://greytogreenconference.org/

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