When Asked to Build a Hospital That Lowers Blood Pressure, They Built a ‘Forest-Like’ Sanctuary

Sourced from Good News Network

Hospital environments can be stressful for anyone—from the sterile smell and the drab decor to the metallic sounds of medical equipment, it’s not the most comforting setting for patients and visitors.

So when a design firm was tasked with creating a hospital that actually lowered people’s blood pressure, they turned to greenery as the solution—and it worked wonderfully.

More than 700 native species of fragrant plants and trees have been integrated into the structure and surroundings of the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore.

When Singapore-based design firm CPG Corporation was commissioned to design the hospital in 2005, they were tasked with creating a hospital environment that soothed and uplifted its patients; and since being in nature has been shown to have dozens of physical and mental health benefits, they believed foliage and natural greenery to be the obvious solution.

In addition to the hospital now serving more than 800,000 patients since it opened its doors in 2010, a recent case study found that the “hospital’s lush greenery and peaceful ambiance have made it a popular spot for students seeking a conducive environment.”

There are a number of other clever details that contribute to the hospital’s ingenious design. Researchers found that the facility’s enlarged windows and spacious indoor layout improved air flow throughout the area by 20 to 30%. Since this reduced the building’s dependency on mechanical ventilation by 60%, researchers say that the facility likely saves untold amounts of money in energy costs.

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