Sustainability on Display at MiraCosta College

Sourced from the Times of San Diego

MiraCosta College’s latest construction project comes with a green roof and vertical garden adorned with succulents and solar panels producing energy stored in a row of batteries to illuminate the structure at night.

Built by students in the Materials and Construction course and based on plans developed by the Architectural Design class, the Sustainable Design Structure sits along a pathway between the Theatre and Administration Building at the Oceanside Campus and serves as a model of environmentally sensitive engineering.

“It’s basically an open pavilion providing an educational tool to promote sustainability and sustainable architecture,” said Architecture Professor and Design Department Chair David Parker. “With the solar panels, the green roof, the sunlight that comes through and the natural ventilation, a lot of thought went into the sustainable aspects,” said architecture student Ricardo Martinez Herrera. “It was a pretty amazing project to work on.”

At a time of growing concern over the impacts of climate change, the pavilion—approximately the same shape as a shipping container but with a twist—offered an opportunity for students to explore, create and innovate with environmental design.

Each spring, the Design Program schedules a course where students learn about the design process and how to design more sustainably, followed every summer with a class in which students build a small structure to sharpen their construction skills.

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