Green Roof Advocates Have ‘High Hopes’ For Trend in Saskatchewan

Sourced from Global News

A couple of times per month, Julie Barnes climbs on top of her detached garage to check on her green roof.

Barnes and her husband installed it after they finished building their Saskatoon home in 2014.

“That’s when I started seeing green roofs on TV shows and in magazines,” Barnes said.

“We kind of wanted to offset the fact that we had added a lot of impermeable surfaces — we really wanted to minimize the runoff.”

After an online search, Barnes hired Higher Groundwork Horticulture owner and green roof consultant Michael Molaro and started planning.

It took five people three hours to manually plant more than 700 plants — all drought-resistant.

“The first year — just to get it established — we had to put a sprinkler up there and water it from time to time if there wasn’t much rain,” Barnes explained.

Besides that, she said the maintenance on the roughly 550 square-foot garden is minimal.

On top of aesthetic appeal, Molaro said there are a number of environmental and economic benefits.

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