City's Living Roof Gets Revamped For Low Maintenence

Sourced from Guelph Today

While a green roof was part of the construction of Guelph’s City Hall a decade ago, the current version is one that was installed a couple of years ago.

“We took the old soil off and the vegetation and we inspected the roof underneath just to make sure it was in good condition and we put new stuff on top,” said Jean Starchuk, the city’s project manager for facilities renewal, facilities management, infrastructure, development and enterprise services. She’s been with the city for three years, overseeing renovation and construction at city facilities.

The original green roof was installed in 2009.

“It was part of the new construction,” Starchuk said. “When it was newly being constructed, there definitely were goals when it came to sustainability.”

Some of those goals included absorbing stormwater, increasing the building’s energy efficiency and giving plants and pollinating insects a place to live.

Two years ago the original soil and plants were removed and replaced.

“My role was to kind of remove the soil and the vegetation that was up there and put new stuff that was low maintenance,” Starchuk said.

While that conjures up images of workers hauling wheelbarrows full of soil through City Hall’s lobby and up and down the elevators, that just wasn’t the case.

“They hung like a tube on the side of the building and got rid of the soil that way versus bringing it through and then actually shot new soil up from the outside.”

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