Novel tenants: Gulliver the Latest Baby Gull to Start Life on Roof of Halifax Library

Sourced from the Chronicle Herald

Gulliver will begin his travels away from the Halifax Central Library in the next few weeks.

The baby herring gull, born on the library’s green rooftop in the middle of June, was recently spotted flapping his wings and starting to take flight.

“It’ll probably be around for another two to three weeks before it takes off for good,” Mike Benoit, a security officer at the library, said Wednesday.

Benoit has been researching herring gulls for a few years after he spotted one hanging around the library’s rooftop.

“In 2017, I noticed a seagull had been hanging around the roof in the exact same spot, underneath one of the vents of our roof,” he said.

“One morning I was on the patio to get a bit of fresh air and I seen this little puff of grey running around.”

The baby herring gull was named Lori Lil Floof. Two babies hatched on the roof the following year and were named Viola and Sebastian, after William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

“I just figured this must be a nesting ground and then, sure enough, we had another one this year,” Benoit said.

Staff voted on a name for the baby and decided on Gulliver.

“Gulliver works because it’s the name of a book, Gulliver’s Travels, so it’s related to literature and it’s just kind of cool to think the gull will go off and travel,” Benoit said.

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