Spectacular Vertical Gardens Around The World

Sourced from USA Today Travel

Living art forms in fascinating shapes and sizes exist all over the world as vertical green walls: living gardens made up of thousands of plants and flowers. These plant-based design gems can be found on buildings, museums, transit centers, hotels and other places. Scroll through to find out about vertical gardens that are both eco-friendly and also nice to gaze upon, starting with Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, which boasts massive supertrees, which are individual tree-shaped vertical gardens that are between nine and 16 stories tall. The tree design resembles Singapore's national flower, Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim. During the day visitors can stroll on the suspended walkway between two supertrees to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the gardens and can catch the sky show of choreographed lights and sounds at night.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain: Created in 1992 by artist Jeff Koons, the "Puppy" permananetly installed at the museum was created using computer modeling. The 40-foot tall West Highland white terrier is covered with flowering plants.

One Central Park in Sydney, Australia: The sustainable building located in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale opened in 2013 with a 328-foot-high vertical garden designed by botanist Patrick Blanc. On the east and north facades of both towers are 38,000 indigenous and exotic plants.

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