Beehives for Green Roofs

Sourced from Buildings

Green roofs can host all sorts of amenities, from rooftop conference rooms to lush gardens. Alvéole, a turnkey urban beekeeping service, adds honeybee hives to that list. Your building’s occupants can enjoy jars of honey harvested from your own bees, who will also pollinate the plants on your roof.

Urban Beekeeping

Starting in the spring, Alvéole brings hives full of docile Italian honeybees to your building. The beekeeping team finds the best and safest location for the hives to allow the bees to thrive without having an adverse effect on your space.

The team returns every three weeks to check on the hives and do any needed maintenance, so there’s no need to buy beekeeping suits for your facilities team.

You can also have them conduct hour-long immersive workshops to demonstrate the project to your tenants. Schools that adopt hives enjoy a more interactive process with two hour-long workshops targeted at students.

In the fall, the beekeepers harvest your honey frames, extract the honey and bottle it in the jar size of your choice. You can design a custom label to show off where your honey came from. (Photo credit: Alvéole)

The hives are insulated over the winter to keep the bee population stable until the cycle starts over again in the spring.

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