Galloway Receives Grant for Demonstration 'Green' Roof

Sourced from the Press of Atlantic City

Galloway Township was officially awarded a $2,000 Sustainable Jersey Grant funded by the PSEG Foundation on May 7, 2019, to help offset the cost of installing a living “green” roof on top of the shade structure at the Galloway Township Community Garden. The grant covers the cost of the GreenGrid tray modules and fastening trim. Once assembled, this demonstration project will serve to educate the public about the benefits of this type of construction.

Essentially, this project will consist of procuring and securing 28 two-foot square weatherproof plastic trays, to be filled with hardy, low growing sedum plants on top of the slightly sloped roof of the shade structure. That structure, built about 6 years ago as an Eagle Scout project by Liam Holiday, has always been prepared for this. The roof surface is an elastomeric, waterproof membrane that is required for this type of use.

This demonstration will highlight the benefits of this rooftop technology, including: the aesthetics of the growing plants, the sequestration of stormwater runoff, the potential cooling and insulating effect on the structure, its contribution toward better air and water quality, its potential to maximize the energy efficiency of buildings, and the life extension of roofing materials. The modular nature of this installation is rather unique and allows for changes of plants or roof alterations/repairs as needed.

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