Harvested Rainwater Sustains Downtown Building’s Living Roof, Offsets Utility Usage

Sourced from WISHTV

The roof of the Nature Conservancy building on East Ohio Street in downtown Indianapolis stands out as a speck of green in a sea of concrete. It’s among fewer than 20 commercial buildings in the city with a living roof and a cistern to collect rainwater.

The roof is covered with plants, the main roof as a light soil, able to support plants tolerant to both drought and excessive rain conditions. On the secondary roof, in the front of the building, the soil is heavier and able to support larger plants.

All of the plants serve the same purpose according to Chip Sutton, director of communication at the Nature Conservancy.

“I mean it has been a lot of rain; it is an unprecedented amount of rain, but as far as this system, it has done exactly what it was designed to do: keep every drop of rain that falls on this 1-acre site. On this site, it does not leave until it filters out naturally,” said Sutton.

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