Eco Bus Stops to Bring Cool Relief in Fight Against ‘Urban Heat Island’ Problem

Sourced from The First News

The city of Białystok is adding new, green bus shelters that not only look good, but beat the heat, helping people keep cool during the summer.

It is a well-known fact that cities are warmer than the surrounding countryside due to human activity. Part of the reason are the dark surfaces and building materials used for roads and buildings. Cities become what is known as an “urban heat island”.

As the effects of urban heat islands are intensified by climate change, the EU is supporting projects that reduce them, which include the design of buildings and urban space.

Białystok, in eastern Poland, has responded to these challenges by announcing a tender for the metal bus stops, plus planting and maintaining greenery around them. The project is part of the Urban Climate Change Adaptation Plan prepared by city this year.

According to the city authorities, “the green bus stops mitigate the effects of climate change by lowering the temperature and reducing the phenomenon of so-called urban heat island, microclimate improvement, rainwater retention”.

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