Javits Convention Center's Green Roof is Home to Birds, Bats and Bees

Sourced from New York 1

Meet the newest residents of the West Side of Manhattan. These newborn gulls have a penthouse pad on the Green Roof of the Javits Convention Center.

"We have 29 species of Birds, and now we have over 148 Seagull nests, which all contain two to three eggs per nest," said Richard Brown, Chief Engineer of the Javits Center.

The nearly seven-acre green roof was installed five years ago at the Convention Center as part of a renovation project, it's the largest of its kind in the state and one of the nation's most expansive.

It was designed to reduce energy consumption at Javits and it also absorbs seven million gallons of rain water a year, keeping it out of the sewer system. But it has also become a haven for birds, bats, and even bees, there are five hives.

Right now is breeding season for the numerous Gulls who have made the roof at Javits their nesting spot, so protective moms are here guarding their hatchlings and eggs.

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