Green Roofs Are Sprouting Up On Buses

Sourced from CNN

In Singapore, buses have been given the green light to find new ways to reduce emissions and improve the air quality of their services.

Last month, GWS Living Art, a company specialized in urban green structures installed green roofs on 10 public buses.

While a bus might not seem like the typical location for a green roof, the installation provides significant environmental and economic benefits.

According to research by Michigan State University, green roofs are great at cooling buildings, reducing flood risk, slashing polluting emissions and providing spaces for nature to thrive.

As the earth's temperature warms, species decline and humanity migrates to cities, urban planners are trying to find innovative solutions to bring biodiversity back into the most heavily populated of environments.

A garden on the move

The "Garden on the Move" bus campaign is part of a three-month study to test whether greenery can help lower the temperature inside the buses and reduce the amount of fuel needed to power the air-conditioning.

"While the impact of greenery on buildings has been well documented, much less is known about the effects of greenery on moving vehicles," said Tan Chun Liang, a research fellow at National University of Singapore who advises the initiative.

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