Architek Sustainable Building Products – Engineered Green Roof Systems

As part of our continued efforts to provide the most cost effective green roof solutions while providing the highest performance for our engineered green roof systems, Architek Sustainable Building Products Inc. is pleased to announce the following:

After over 12 years designing, detailing, supplying, installing and maintaining green roof systems we have decided to develop our own portfolio of green roof technology solutions for extensive, intensive and sloped applications as well as build our own Architek Sustainable brand moving forward.

“As a full-service living building systems company, we believe that diversifying our own portfolio of green roof systems provides us with the freedom to pick the best, most cost-effective option, for each project we engage in.” says Ronald Schwenger, Principal and Founder of Architek. “Every green roof project is unique and we need a full tool box of options to choose from to get the job done right and on budget.”

The new Architek Assured Green Roof Build up systems will deliver the following:

  • Optimum storm water retention performance.

  • 90% locally sourced materials reducing shipping related carbon footprint.

  • Lower cost.

  • 10, 15 and 20 years warranty options.

We look forward to working with municipal planners, owners, developers, architects, landscape architects and contractors in developing cost effective, highly-assured solutions for engineered green roofs across Canada.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this in detail at any time at 604-714-0028 or email us at

About Architek SBP Inc.
Architek is a full-service design-build firm in the Living Building systems business providing comprehensive services for: green roofs, living facades, vertical gardens/living walls and site water management.

Services include: design-assist, shop drawings, product distribution, installation and maintenance services.

Architek has been providing living building solutions in western Canada for 12 years and is now expanding to offer services nation-wide in Canada.

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Basic Extensive Info Sheet
Extensive + Water Retention Info Sheet
Semi-Intensive Info Sheet
Gentle Slope Info Sheet