UN Calls for Investments in Green Infrastructure

Sourced from Smart Cities World

UN member states are calling for increased investments in ecosystem-based solutions for disaster prevention and, particularly, water-related ecosystems, to reduce the disaster risk and impacts of climate change.

Ecosystems play a vital role in reducing the impacts of natural hazards and climate change and ecosystem-based approaches should be an integral part of disaster preparedness, emergency response, post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.

Extreme weather patterns

According to the UN, water-related disasters account for almost 90 per cent of the 1,000 most disastrous events that have taken place since 1990.

Extreme weather patterns such as prolonged drought, flash floods and cyclones contribute to food insecurity, instability and migration. The latest devastating cyclones Idai and Kenneth, which hit Mozambique, last spring, are cases in point

More than 100 million people could fall back into extreme poverty due to climate change by 2030, while 200 million people could be displaced due to more frequent and severe climatic disasters, warns the UN Development Programme.

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