The Benefits of a Green Roof Go Way Beyond Economics

Sourced from Habitat

One big thing. The Climate Mobilization Act, a New York City legislative package of seven bills that goes into gear in 2024. It’s the single largest carbon-reduction effort that any city has put forward, and it leaves you five, very short, years to get your building in shape.

Be smart. It’s estimated that there are a billion square feet of roof space in the city just waiting to be tapped for this climate initiative, and greening them is one measure the new legislation addresses. Installing a green roof costs more than a non-green one, but it provides economic benefits that a regular roof can’t. Here are some of the benefits:

If you have mechanical equipment on the roof, greening will boost its efficiency by making the air cooler. For an HVAC system, the cooler air will allow the equipment to operate at a lower ambient temperature and use less energy.

A green roof will reduce the temperature of the roof, and therefore, the building itself. It serves as insulation, which decreases the amount of heat passing into the building, reduces cooling loads, and even offers some insulation during heating season.

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