Why Green Stormwater Infrastructure is Smart Policy and Smart Business

Sourced from the Philadelphia Business Journal

Stormwater management is a critical challenge in Philadelphia, especially this time of year. It is fortunate then, that a nature-based approach known as green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), is an economic powerhouse with tremendous benefits that include lower crime rates and reduced health costs for communities and the city as a whole.

In fact, new research commissioned by SBN finds that Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters (GCCW) stormwater management plan will produce $4 billion in total economic impact for Philadelphia, including supporting an average of 1,160 jobs annually. This is truly an instructive case for how a green approach can advance a triple bottom line economy in which people, planet, and profit all thrive.

Green City, Clean Waters is the City of Philadelphia’s 25-year plan for managing stormwater. Led by the Philadelphia Water Department, the comprehensive effort aims to avoid overburdening the already stressed city sewer infrastructure. Solutions are found across both public and private properties throughout the city, and include vegetation such as green roofs and tree trenches and technology such as porous pavement. Philadelphia is the national leader among large cities for this intentional and impactful effort to use green stormwater infrastructure.

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