Green Roofs, Roof Meadows Becoming Popular In Philadelphia

Sourced from CBS Philadelphia

Some Philadelphians are taking their green thumbs to new heights. They’re seeing limited land space as an opportunity to be environmentally friendly.

You might think of Philadelphia as a concrete jungle with all the parking garages, driveways, roads and highways, but it’s greener than you think. It can be hard to find green space at street level, sometimes you have to go 11 floors up to see it.

That’s where the CBS3 Green Team met Melissa Muroff, president of the Roof Meadow and designer of Cira Green, one of Philadelphia’s premiere green roofs.

With the launch of Philadelphia’s Green City Clean Waters Management Plan, green roofs or roof meadows have been sprouting since 2012.

“This park keeps about 700,000 gallons of rainwater out of the sewer system each year,” Muroff said.

While these green spaces are beautiful on sunny and warm days, we got to see the green roof system in action as raindrops fell on the flourishing landscape.

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