Urban Forests: Melbourne’s Plan to Green the City

Sourced from Government News

Government News has also learned City of Melbourne Council will next week reveal details of a ‘demonstration green roof’ as part of its 2019-20 budget.

The news comes just days after council approved plans to build a living ‘skyfarm’ in the city.

The centrepiece of the Green Our City Strategic Action Plan is a $4.2 million commitment to plant at least 3,400 trees in the next year and to help council care for more than 80,000 trees.

The plans will also see council increase the quality of green roofs and vertical greening across the municipality, where there are already 40 green roofs, according to council.

Budget documents describe plans to “progress a planning scheme amendment to improve sustainability performance and deliver green infrastructure on buildings.”

Parks and gardens across the city will get a makeover under the budget pledge, with council making a $19.1 million investment in projects to make the city more sustainable, including $7.1 million in upgrades across 480 hectares of parks and gardens.

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