Biophilic Hyatt Regency Spinoza Hotel Amsterdam - The Most Sustainable Hotel in the Netherlands

The award-winning Hyatt Regency Spinoza hotel in the heart of Amsterdam is a model of sustainable building. This luxurious 5-star hotel of 183,000 s.f. with 211 rooms was built on the site of the former Emma Children's Hospital. From the first stone, a classy and sustainable hotel was built. The tremendous efforts have been rewarded with a BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate. Hyatt Regency Amsterdam has achieved a score of 73.26%, the highest score ever awarded to a Dutch hotel, making it the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands.

The new building, opened in 2017, contains all the amenities that can be expected from an international 5-star hotel such as a conference center, bars, a restaurant with green terraces, accessible spa and fitness facilities and underground parking. But the most striking feature is the indoor living wall in the lobby. Architects Van Dongen-Koschuch reached out to Sempergreen to create a full concept biophilic design in cooperation with landscape architect Max Tavenier. The indoor living wall is a hydroponic system which creates a connection between several spaces, which encourages interaction between hotel guests and local public. The spaces each have their own identity that fits within the larger whole.

For the lobby the client expressed the wish that the room should feel like a living room. That's why Fatsia Japonica was chosen for the plants. This plant contributes to the lush, exotic atmosphere and forms an integral whole with the other interior plants and the patio. It gives visitors the feeling of entering an urban oasis. Next to the eye-catching living wall the patio was equipped with hanging plants in pots. The green decoration with many plants, flowers and botanical artwork is inspired by the location of the hotel: near Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world.

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