Amid the Climate Crisis, New Push to Take Action to Ensure Cities Become More Green

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Australia is in desperate need of government intervention in the use of green walls, green roofs, better public transport and higher uptake of active transportation to stave off the worst effects of climate change, the peak body of landscape architects has warned.

Decrying what it calls a lack of leadership on environment policy ahead of next weekend’s election, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects said the time to act was now, following the release earlier this week of a landmark UN report into a potentially catastrophic collapse of biodiversity worldwide.

Institute president Shaun Walsh called on the winning party to adopt a National Living Infrastructure Strategy to deal with the crisis.

“We’re a generation that can act and do something about it,” he said. “Australia has unique flora and fauna, and it makes a unique place to live, so how can we work now to protect these icons?

“We’ve had proactive governments in the past that have lead to good programs. So where’s the current leadership?

“The key point we see missing from the election strategy is the liveability of our cities,” he said. “It requires a national focus and leadership at the federal level to articulate the issues and solutions.”

The institute wants the next government to adopt a consistent strategy to be proactive when planning cities to prevent and soften the impact of climate change.

Its core concept is to work with the natural world to plan healthier and more efficient cities.

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