On The Roof With Dave Mackenzie, The Founder of LiveRoof

On the Roof With … Dave MacKenzie, the founder of Hortech Inc. (wholesale perennial nursery), LiveRoof, LLC (green roof system provider) and LiveWall, LLC (planted wall system provider). In this special commemorative edition of On The Roof With…. David provides us with his insights into the progress, challenges and opportunities facing the green roof and wall industry.

LAM: David, as one of the leading manufacturers of modular green roof and wall systems, what do you think are the biggest changes you've seen in the green roof and wall industry over the past fifteen years or so?

DM: With green roofs, I think we’re beginning to see a gradual maturation of the specifier, owner and developer… where they are gaining more appreciation for value beyond “code compliance” or storm water management. Because of this, the green roof is more likely to be sited in a visible location than was the case a few years ago, and this increases the likelihood of proper maintenance. Collectively these trends increase the likelihood of additional specifications and purchases in the future.

With planted walls, we’re beginning to see a very modest appreciation for their biophilic and wellness benefits—perhaps slowly moving beyond planted walls as a novelty. Green walls are still very much in there infancy.

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