Largest Intensive Green Roof in Nottingham Created for Residents

Sourced from Pro Landscaper Magazine

A twenty-two week project to create Nottingham’s largest intensive sky garden has been completed. It is on the fourth floor of a 26-storey apartment building. It showcases the value of investment in green infrastructure for both local authorities and the residents of urban areas.

The design, by award-winning landscape design practice Hosta Consulting, was commissioned by Nottingham City Homes’ (NCH) as part of its Decent Neighbourhoods scheme. The scheme aims to improve the lives of residents by developing green-spaces with a community focus.

The project creates Nottingham’s largest intensive green roof. A 316 sq m community garden, designed to provide a healthy, sociable environment for 400 residents of the Victoria Centre Flats, a high-rise apartment block in the centre of the city. None of the residents previously had access to any green space.

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