Locked Up and Living Sustainably: Eco-Friendly Prison Wins Award

Sourced from CNN

Think of a prison and you might think of an imposing building surrounded by barbed wired, flood lights and extensive alarm systems.

So it may come as a surprise that a prison in Sweden recently won an award for being environmentally friendly.

Tabellen 4, a building in Sollentuna high-security remand prison in Stockholm, won the 2019 BREEAM Public Projects In-Use award for its range of eco-friendly initiatives including a 1,100 square meter green roof made of plants and turf, a ventilation system that recycles heat from the air, and a waste disposal room with storage for eight categories of waste.

The building is also wrapped in 6,000 square meters of insulting glass, which regulates its temperature -- and has built-in alarms.

"The judges were impressed by the way they had tackled sustainability issues through the physicality of the building, regardless of security issues," said Alan Yates, chair of the judging panel.

A green roof and greener sentence

Bought in 2010 by Swedish company Vasce, Tabellen 4 was adapted by working alongside the Swedish Prison and Probation service (Kriminalvarden).

Vegetation and turf "protects the roof from [solar] radiation, rainfall and temperature changes," as well helping "facilitate the run-off of surface water onto the property, while also enabling pollination ... for insects," said Sara Jägermo, Vasce's head of property.

This is "of most importance since the bee population is declining," Jägermo said, adding that "mixed vegetation around the building" has the additional benefit of creating a "more harmonious impression."

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