Create an Energy-Efficient Urban Oasis: 6 Reasons to Install a Green Roof

Sourced from GB&D Magazine

Urban environments have their challenges—energy consumption and air pollution among them—but things are looking up. Rooftop vegetation addresses these problems and then some.

All green roofs provide energy-saving insulation, ambient air purification, heat-island mitigation, and stormwater capture benefits that result from having growing media and plants on top of a building’s roof membrane. In the case of urban farms, they can also add new streams of revenue and community engagement opportunities.

Important to building owners and occupants alike, green roofs also provide relaxation and recreational space. When a garden is merely a stair climb or elevator ride away, it’s more likely that workers or residents will take in a dose of nature during the course of a busy day.

Innovations from product manufacturers and designers continue to raise the bar, with improved membranes and the right cultivars. New York City-based Greensulate’s expert team of green roof professionals are doing just that as they advise, design, install, and maintain beautiful projects all over the U.S.

Adrian Wilton, CEO of Greensulate, has been in the industry for more than a decade. In 2011 Wilton founded Living Restoration, a Brooklyn-based urban agriculture company that aims to utilize urban space efficiently for food production. In 2016 Living Restoration began collaborating with Greensulate, taking their expertise to the next level. “Our team is forecasting green roof design that takes into consideration advancing technologies and innovative roof development, from how to receive drone deliveries to scalable food production, which we anticipate will greatly affect how we interact as a population with our rooftops,” Wilton says.

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