Making Calgary’s Skyline Sustainable One Green Space At A Time

Sourced from Calgary Journal

The City of Calgary is known for its bustling downtown core. Densely packed cities are not often known for their sustainability, but people like Kerry Ross are seeking to change that with the creation of more green spaces.

“I think being involved in sustainable architecture makes you think about what you design, what its contribution — positive or negative, to the environment is. And then that translates into [my] everyday life,” Ross says.

Rooftops are often neglected areas that lack aesthetic appeal. Rather than letting huge amounts of space go unused, companies are opting to create an area on their building that promotes habitat creation, absorbs storm water and improves air quality.

Ross is working to make sustainable architecture a staple in Calgary through her work as the owner of Green T Design.

Expressing her passion is important for Ross. She does this by creating living walls and green roofs that are custom-made for her client’s needs.

“You’re turning what’s rather a blighted space into something useful, environmental and beautiful to look at,” Ross explains.

Ross’ passion for the outdoors grew from her active childhood, where she spent a lot of her time skiing and hiking. She took some drafting classes in high school and completed her bachelor of architecture at the University of Montréal. The rest is history.

Ross was motivated to create sustainable architecture after many people told her that it wouldn’t survive the cold Alberta winters.

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