Biophilic Office Designs Drive Productivity and Creativity

Sourced from EuropeanCEO

A desk, a computer and four grey walls. For some employees, this is pretty much all they have to look at from nine to five, five days a week. In soul-crushing environments like these, it should come as no surprise that a trip to the kitchen can serve as a daily highlight, particularly if it provides some natural light and a fleeting glimpse of the outside world.

Work doesn’t have to be like this, however, and for some employees, it isn’t. Increasingly, workplaces are incorporating green spaces and organic materials into their office designs. This new approach to the workplace doesn’t only have aesthetic benefits, however. Biophilic offices can boost productivity, increase staff creativity and improve workers’ mental health.

It’s not easy being green

According to the 2018 Work and the Outdoors Survey conducted by clothing retailer L L Bean, 87 percent of indoor workers consider themselves to be someone that enjoys the outdoors, but 75 percent rarely or never take the time to work outside. Often there simply isn’t time; on other occasions, it just isn’t practical.

For decades, psychologists and social theorists have explored mankind’s innate desire to connect with the natural world. This relationship has been termed ‘biophilia’ and has been hypothesised as being the result of millions of years of biological evolution. Recently, however, the rapid urbanisation that has gripped the world has made it more difficult for humans to connect with nature as frequently as they would like.

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