Four Tips for Pest Control on Green Roofs

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Your green roof is an incredible engineering feat that provides insulation and stormwater management, but could its lush greenery be putting you at risk for an invasion of pests?

Vegetated roofs are often touted as a way to encourage biodiversity, but that isn’t limited to the plant selection. Whether your roof has low grass, flowers, shrubs, or food gardens, insects and animals will inevitably be attracted to the foliage.

Integrated pest management can help you stay ahead of pest activity and ensure any infestations are treated in an environmentally sensitive manner. Follow these tips to ensure your roof will thrive without becoming overrun with wildlife.

1. Understand which pests frequent vegetated roofs.

Animals need three things to survive – food, water, and shelter – so it’s no surprise that a manicured green roof can provide these in abundance.

“Green roofs are living architecture,” explains Pat Copps, a board certified entomologist and technical services manager for Orkin. “As soon as you start putting plants up there, pests will start moving in.”

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