Edmonton to Build 13 New Dry Ponds to Collect Storm Water

Sourced from CBC

Edmonton will build 13 dry ponds to collect storm water in parks in an attempt to prevent flooding on city streets, using $54 million in federal money.

The money comes from Ottawa's disaster mitigation and adaptation fund, created to help municipalities become more resistant to climate change.

The funding was announced Monday by federal Infrastructure Minister François-Philippe Champagne during a news conference in Edmonton.

Dry ponds are depressions in parks or green space used to collect water during a heavy rainfall. The storm water is stored until it can be safely released into the city's drainage infrastructure.

"It's a very effective strategy," said Mayor Don Iveson, who attended the announcement in Ellingson Park in the Parkallen neighbourhood, where a dry pond will be built. "We've built a number of these in the city, we know we need to build more."

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