Show Us The Money: Five Reasons Plants Improve Your Bottom Line

Sourced from Good Earth Plant Company Inc

Plants have never been hotter. The humble indoor plant is suddenly a design trend. We have thousands of people calling themselves “plant parents” who collect and cherish house plants.

The trend is creeping its way into more workplaces, too. The benefits of plants in the workplace is something we’re passionate about at Good Earth Plant Company. We’d like more businesses to get passionate about it, too.

We know there is one thing ALL businesses are passionate about: making money. Let’s face it, we’re all working hard to earn a good living so we can live well and indulge our interests.

So if we told you adding plants is good for your business and will help you make more money, would we get your attention?

It’s a fact. Research has shown over and over having contact with nature at work improves our mental health, creativity, sharpens focus, lowers stress, and makes people more productive at whatever they do.

All this simply from an indoor plant in a decorative container!

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to add plants to your workplace than some of the other things you’re doing? Sure, free gym memberships are nice. Encouraging people to take all their vacation time, this is a plus too. But people can only spend so much time on vacation or at the gym before they need to get back to work.

You need to pay more attention to your workplace environment to maintain good mental health and prevent stress-related problems or burnout at work. Here are five ways plants at work can help.

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