How Cities are Driving Growth in the Green Roofing Market

Sourced from Thomas Publishing

Now widely popular across the United States, green roofs, also called living roofs, are roofs partially or entirely covered with vegetation. These alternative, aesthetically pleasing roofing options provide longevity and oxygen production, offer savings in heating and cooling costs, and minimize water runoff.

Here in the U.S., the demand for green roofing solutions is growing for homeowners, business owners, and developers. Many major cities have adopted specific ordinances requiring green roofing on new buildings to assist in the battle against climate change. The demand for green buildings and environmentally friendly roofing solutions is driving fast growth in the roofing systems market, which is expected to top $157 billion by 2021.

San Francisco's Better Roofs Ordinance

San Francisco was the first to develop a mandate for green roofing. The city's Better Roofs Ordinance went into effect in January 2017, requiring that 15-30% of most new construction have either living or solar roofs. According to San Francisco's Planning Department website, rooftops represent more than 30% of the city's land area.

The ordinance provides flexibility for the designer and builder to "choose the best combination of solar photovoltaic, solar water heating and living roof systems to maximize benefits based on location and building program."

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