Vancouver Adopts Rain City Strategy to Manage Stormwater

Sourced from Water Canada

Vancouver City Council has voted to adopt the Rain City Strategy, which reimagines how the city manages stormwater using green infrastructure.

“As residents of a coastal city in a temperate rainforest, we have a deep connection to water in all its forms,” said Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart. “However, as we grapple with climate change and Vancouver continues to grow in the decades to come, charting a new course for the way we manage rainwater will be vital.”

The Rain City Strategy outlines a series of actions to improve water quality in the natural environment, increase the resilience to climate change, and enhance natural ecosystems in the city.

The city intends to achieve the goals primarily through the expansion of green rainwater infrastructure to absorb and clean rainwater. As part of the plan, city staff have recommended a capital project budget of $1.5 million to support a green infrastructure team and the implementation of a green infrastructure plan.

The Rain City Strategy operates Integrated Stormwater Management Plans for each watershed within Vancouver’s municipal boundaries. There are three watersheds encompassing Vancouver’s drainage, the Still Creek, Musqueam, and greater urban area that drains into the Fraser River.

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