Breaking barriers with New Earth Solutions

Sourced from GrowUp

Dylan Robertson and Mitchell Cowburn, the founders of New Earth Solutions, both majored in Real Estate and Housing at the University Of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. A few years later they embarked on creating a business that would integrate eco-friendly technologies to improve the aesthetics and efficiency of buildings.

Before New Earth Solutions was founded, Dylan sold smart home technology door - to - door while leading, managing, and training sales teams of up to 24 reps across Western Canada. Mitchell pursued a career as a Sales Contractor selling PV Solar, LED lighting, living walls, living roofs and energy audits.

With their passion for sustainability, they began a wonderful partnership with CEO and Founder of GrowUp Greenwalls, Grant Leishman after experiencing major success in the first few months, building whopping 14 greenwalls for various businesses. We asked Dylan and Mitchell why they love the green industry and what partnering with GrowUp Greenwalls means to them and their business.

Why go green?

Four years ago we experienced the most growth, success and challenges up until that point in our lives. We were both at the top of our careers in selling green technologies when we decided to venture off on our own. We never would’ve imagined doing what we're doing now. Starting and running New Earth Solutions has been about learning, losing, and winning at an extremely fast rate.

We believe that if your mission is powerful enough to you, then you will find success in whatever you are doing. The reason we chose to pursue the green industry was the combination of believing that this was good and that we could make a massive positive impact on the world as well as seeing the green industry as a viable industry to grow a business in.

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