Lentol Announces $1.5 Million Grant for 1.4 Acre Green Roof

Sourced from the Brooklyn Eagle

Assemblyman Joe Lentol (D-North Brooklyn) announced today the award of $1.5 million in a New York State grant to Broadway Stages, Ltd. They will be funding and partnering with Alive Structures for the creation of green rooftops, totaling 1.4 acres, on three of their soundstages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The rooftops, owned by Broadway Stages, will provide a wide range of benefits, ranging from stormwater capture to air pollution reduction. The grant was provided by New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation’s (EFC) Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP). Broadway Stages partnered with Alive Structures, the New York City Audubon and Newtown Creek Alliance on the Kingsland Wildflowers project, which was initially funded through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.

“Kingsland Wildflowers at Broadway Stages was a great success and is the perfect example that shows the potential of this project,” said Lentol. “I am very excited that this grant funded such a great project right here in Greenpoint. It will add green space, improve the environment and provide a natural habitat for countless beneficial insects and birds.”

The GIGP provides $15 million in funding across New York State for unique stormwater infrastructure design and cutting-edge green technology projects. GIGP solicits grant applications for projects that improve water quality and demonstrate green stormwater infrastructure in New York State.

“The green roofs have the potential to remove the emissions equivalent of over 40,000 cars per year,” he added. “Congratulations to Broadway Stages and Alive Structures.”

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