Living Walls Become More Commonplace as People Seek Biophilic Spaces

Sourced from Total Landscape Care

As people spend more time indoors and away from nature, more buildings such as offices, hospitals and public spaces are starting to include living walls in their structures.

This inclusion of living walls is part of the larger movement for more biophilic designs.

“Right now, I think it’s more prevalent than ever,” says Nathan Beckner, horticulturist and lead plant designer at Sagegreenlife, based in Chicago, Illinois. “The awareness has skyrocketed and now it’s more of an expectation whether it’s an office space, a high-end hotel or a restaurant. People buying condos even; they expect this biophilic design, whether it be a living wall or elaborate interiorscaping. People are really gravitating towards that and are aware of the benefits. It’s more popular than ever now.”

Beckner says from his office alone they’ve been the busiest they’ve ever been this past year with living wall work. Sagegreenlife designs, manufactures and installs living green walls that can be scaled to any size.

These unique features can be used both inside and out and come with their own set of challenges.

“Gravity is probably number one,” Beckner says. “Water always likes to go down. Plants usually don’t grow on walls. So just working with that and getting to know the plants and the behavior of water itself because water is always going to go down. We really have to make sure our system is on point and perfectly sealed and perfectly level because water always finds a way (down).”

One of the other challenges is dealing with extreme climates.

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