Improving Business The Biophilic Way

Sourced from Facility Executive

Nature is all around us. The sky, trees, air, wind, wildlife, and water are all parts of the great outdoors we experience every day. Yet most of us spend most of our time indoors, surrounded by concrete and glass away from the natural elements that connect us all. By electing to work inside, we’ve deprived ourselves, perhaps unknowingly, of things that would not only make us healthier, but more productive. Studies show that nature benefits us. These benefits, which are important to a better existence, are driving organizations to incorporate biophilic design into their spaces.

Biophilic design was derived from term “biophilia,” which means “love of life,” and was mainstreamed by American biologist and naturalist, Edward O. Wilson, 35 years ago. Wilson believed that people have an innate desire to be connected to nature. Biophilic design is the application of this connection to our life and work spaces through the incorporation of natural elements or bringing the outdoors.

How does biophilic design benefit us? We can all see that development and technology are moving us further away from nature and its ability to reduce stress and aid in recuperation. Going deeper, extensive research from the last few decades demonstrates how biophilic design positively impacts our lives.

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