How Vietnam’s Architects are Embracing Biophilic Design

Sourced from The Spaces

Architects are embracing plant life like never before, incorporating greenery into the very fabric of their buildings. And there’s good reason, with biophilic design credited with boosting both physical and mental wellbeing by creating new connections with nature. As cities grow ever larger and more densely populated, architecture that integrates plants offers an answer to disappearing or overused green spaces. In Vietnam, a host of architects are re-establishing links with nature by bringing plantlife into projects small and large – everything from cafés and stores to hotels and homes.

Here we bring together five of the best biophilic designs across the country.

Hoi An Hotel by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Hoi An
Cascading greenery covers the sides of this Hoi An hotel, which has concrete planters hidden in its sandstone walls. The plants do double duty, giving guests extra privacy as well as shading corridors from the sun.

Greenery continues inside, where the hotel’s architect Vo Trong Nghia – known for his biophilic buildings – has designed a restaurant strung with hanging plants.

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