The Time Has Come for Mandatory Green Roofs in New York City

Sourced from the Living Architecture Monitor

New York City needs to catch up to many other world class cities by requiring 100 per cent green roof coverage on new buildings, which is what I’ve proposed in legislation I introduced to City Council in July. Other big cites like Toronto, Chicago and San Francisco have green roof legislation that helps their communities reduce green house gases and adapt to climate change. Let me break it down for you, the positive reasons for supporting this legislation are many:

With the failure of the Trump Administration to act on Climate Change, cities like New York need to step up and demonstrate to the world that Americans are serious about reducing greenhouse gases.

New York City is suffering from intense heat waves combined with the urban heat island. This is because of all of the impervious surfaces like roads, parking lots and rooftops. Green roofs cool the city down, and when enough are implemented, will even save us millions of dollars on our electricity bills. Poorer neighborhoods in particular, often suffer disproportionately from the urban heat island, which makes air pollution worse and even results in premature death.

We need good green jobs in New York, and green roofs create many jobs, from design and manufacturing through to installation and maintenance. These are local jobs.

When green roofs are used to grow fresh food, they strengthen community, support small business and help bring healthy produce to neighborhoods that go unserved.

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