New 'Living' Wall Spruces Up Fredericton Green Space

Sourced from CBC

A major facelift to a retaining wall on Fredericton's north side is sprucing up a popular green space.

The City of Fredericton turned the wall that borders Carleton Park, near the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, into a living wall made up of colourful plants.

The new addition is the first of its kind for the city and replaces a lot of overgrown vegetation. According to Mike LaCroix, foreman of horticulture for the city, the new wall also adds more strength to the structure.  

"The roots will completely grow together and form one solid mass which, in turn, will make a really strong retaining wall — probably even stronger than concrete."

The layered wall looks like large stairs filled with gravel and bags of plants. 

The wall is lined with more than 2,200 hundred bags of plants, each made from a filter fabric that's used to stop weeds. Every bag is filled with sand and compost, and designed to retain moisture. 

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