Sky Gardens

Sourced from CBD News

“Liveability” has many factors, such as residents feeling safe and socially connected, having affordable housing with linked-up public transport, being able to access health, education and shopping services and, increasingly, being surrounded by robust green infrastructure.

According to the University of Melbourne, green infrastructure is a city’s network of natural and designed vegetation elements (both public and private). It includes traditional green elements such as urban parks, gardens and trees, as well as newer items such as green roofs, green walls and rain garden technologies.

And the benefits of green infrastructure are believed to be manifold, including returns that are economic (e.g. improved amenities), environmental (e.g. reduced heat island effect) and social (e.g. strengthened community resilience).

However, we of the Vertical Villages know well the challenges of green spaces in high density precincts – and, usually, if dedicated areas were not incorporated into the original design, options to redress this are very limited.

This said, perhaps inspiration can be taken from our counterparts in other high-density cities who face similar challenges arising from their “density”.

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