Green Roofs for Healthy Cities – North America Inc. Announces the Green Travel Partnership with Goodwings

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), the member-based non-profit North American industry association for green roofs and walls is pleased to announce its new partnership with the hotel portal Goodwings which combines the hotel booking process with revenue generation for a more sustainable future.   

“We are really excited about our partnership with Goodwings because it provides a unique opportunity for our members to support our work at no cost to themselves, and to green their travel plans. All our members have to do is use Goodwings to book travel rather than Travelocity or another portal and they will support the work of GRHC with small donations“, said Steven Peck, GRP, Founder and President of GRHC. 

"We are very proud to partner with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, now enabling green roof and wall companies to help GRHC grow the green roof and wall industry when booking hotels for their corporate travels", said Christian Møller-Holst, CEO & Founder at Goodwings. 

Goodwings makes it easy and free for you and your company to support Green Roofs for Healthy Cities through your hotel bookings.  The benefits include:

  • There are no sign-up fees to join Goodwings
  • There are the same or lower member hotel prices than other posted online hotel prices.
  • There are employee benefits for those who use the platform to book a lot of travel
  • Goodwings will generate impact reports for corporate environmental and sustainability reporting

Traditionally, a portion of the online hotel booking cost is used for marketing. By booking hotels through Goodwings portal, Goodwings makes a small donation of the marketing costs to GRHC at no extra cost, through Goodwings.

About Goodwings

In October 2015, Christian Moller-Holst starts Goodwings with a vision of making the hotel industry a driving force for sustainable change within commitments with non-governmental organizations (NGO) partners, each of them working towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, Goodwings established a partnership with the global hotel provider Expedia, which gives access to 365,000 hotels all over the world. In November 2016, their platform went live, and donations to our NGO partners began.   

To register your company in the Goodwings- GRHC Green Travel Partnership program please contact Christelle Randal,, 416-971-4494 Ext 221 or visit our booth at CitiesAlive September 25-27 in Brooklyn, New York. 

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