Living Architecture Performance Tool Takes On Our Industry’s Achilles Heel – Proper Maintenance

Sourced from the Living Architecture Monitor

The lack of proper maintenance in the green roof and wall industry is our Achilles heel - otherwise fantastically designed and executed projects can, within a few weeks in the case of green walls and a few years with green roofs, go significantly off the rails. Plants die or fail to thrive, weedy plants move in, drainage systems become clogged and growing media washes away. Often when we are called in to rescue projects, its when the plants are either dead, or dying from a wide variety of causes.

Some of the primary maintenance challenges we face as an industry, based on our extensive experience, include the following:

  • Having a knowledgeable contractor on the job who can perform the required maintenance, and in the case of green roofs on new buildings, often repair the damage to the green roof by other trades who are working to complete the building.

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