Environmental Group Wants Green Roof Bylaw

Sourced from CBC

Ecology Ottawa is calling on the city to catch up with Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and other North American jurisdictions by passing a bylaw to force building developers to include roofs with gardens and greenery when possible, and encourage the green retrofit of existing roofs.

"We can imagine a city that's much cooler, much greener, with water that's entering our creeks and streams that's much cleaner," said Robb Barnes, executive director of Ecology Ottawa.

The city currently lacks the authority from the province to pass a bylaw that would require builders to make a percentage of their roofs green.

Toronto does have that power and passed a bylaw in 2010 mandating that 60 per cent of available space on the roof of new large buildings be vegetation.

Barnes wants Ottawa to lobby the province for the same power, then pass a similar bylaw.

"We want the city to move past the experimentation phase. It's really a case of political will," said Barnes.

Currently, very few buildings in Ottawa incorporate grass or gardens on their roofs.

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