Turning the Big Apple Green From the Top Down

Sourced from Commercial Property Executive

Not long after California passed its landmark legislation requiring most new residential properties to incorporate photovoltaics, New York City followed suit with a far-reaching proposal of its own.  Legislation introduced last month would mandate renewable energy installations or green roofs for most new projects. If the measures become law, they will influence development strategies in the nation’s largest real estate market.

The bills call for new offices, industrial facilities and storage units to cover the rooftop spaces with a green roof, solar panels, small wind turbines or a combination of the three. “This legislation promotes energy efficient building practices, as green roofs filter pollutants and add agricultural space, solar roofs encourage renewable energy generation and reduce air pollution and small wind turbines generate heat and electric power in an environmentally conscious manner,” notes the bill’s summary.

Two bills introduced in late 2017 would apply to residential development and community properties like schools, libraries, post offices and medical centers. Together, this package of legislation would affect nearly all new construction in New York City, as well as buildings undergoing major renovations or remodeling their roofs.

Yaniv Kalish, CEO of the energy advisory firm SolarKal, discussed the impact of the proposed rooftop ordinances with CPE. Last year the firm was one of six winning companies in the 76West Clean Energy Competition, sponsored by the state of New York.

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