Rooftop To Refrigerator: The Trend Of Urban Agriculture

Sourced from Soil Advocates

Urban agriculture is trending as more people flock to urban, high-density residential areas to be closer to work and public transportation. This spike, combined with a plethora of new technologies, make urban agriculture a hobby that is both attainable and beneficial in Toronto.

This trend has seen growth in Toronto as more urban gardens are bringing more green spaces into the big city. Urban agriculture is becoming common in parks, as well as private backyard and rooftop spaces.

Currently there are 12 outdoor allotment gardens in Toronto, as well as one indoor garden in which residents can rent gardening plots. Other organizations across the city allow residents to learn more about planting and gardening, and give them the opportunity to bring home some garden-fresh food.

Green space is at a premium in the city, especially green space that is publicly accessible. In downtown Toronto, for example, there is a whole lot of steel and concrete, but not a whole lot of green space. Owning a plot at a community garden as a Toronto resident provides serenity and the satisfaction of doing activities that get them outside and connected with the natural world.

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