Carr Wants Green Roofs Made Mandatory On New Buildings In Vancouver

Sourced from the Vancouver Sun

Coun. Adriane Carr’s motion would apply to new commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-family residential developments, and renovations to older similar buildings.

Carr, who has been lobbying for such a bylaw for years, said the motion fits with the city’s new Rain City Strategy.

“I’ve been raising this for the last seven years,” Carr said.“With the increased storms and rain coming to Vancouver because of climate change, there will be a burden on our discharge system.”

Wetter winters, hotter and drier summers and more extreme rainstorms have been predicted by climate-change models, and Vancouver’s infrastructure was not built to accommodate those extremes, she said.

Toronto introduced a green-roof bylaw in 2009. Cities such as San Francisco and Copenhagen also have green-roof bylaws.

The Vancouver Convention Centre’s green roof, completed in 2008, is the largest in Canada at 2.4 hectares. It reduces the heat inside by 95 per cent in summer and prevents 26 per cent of heat loss in winter, according to

Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby campus also has many green roofs.

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