Liberty Park Green Wall Brings a Measure of Serenity to 9/11 Site

Sourced from the Living Architecture Monitor

A well-established fact is that plants are known to bring serenity and promote wellbeing in people.  Known as biophilia, what better place to use that knowledge than at the now opened World Trade Centre’s Liberty Park – part of the memorial for the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center victims in lower Manhattan, New York.  The green wall is designed to bring tranquility to a grief-riddled space and to foster rebirth in lower Manhattan while acknowledging the devastation of 9/11.

On June 29, 2016, Plant Connection Inc. unveiled their patented G-O2 living wall system that took about three years with expertise from architects, engineers, landscape architects, horticulturalists and designers to plan, design, engineer and install, in an understandably highly scrutinized environment. 

The park itself, designed by landscape architect Joseph E. Brown for the New York Port Authority, is a one acre elevated space that takes a page from the nearby iconic High Line.  The park features many trees, shrubs, perennials and unique seating that provides a place for visitors to relax, reflect and re-imagine amidst the bustling scene of lower Manhattan.  An enormous sculpture sits atop the green roof. Called “The Sphere” by artist Frizt Koenig, it was recovered from the wreckage of 911 and its damaged form provides a potent reminder of recent events at the site and those who died.

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